Nothing burns like the cold.

I don’t think Albert Camus was talking about farming when he said, “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” ┬áBut after experiencing the record cold and extreme weather of this winter’s polar vortex, I feel he certainly could have been.


While the vortex was shutting down cities and towns across the country like something out of one of those intentionally vague opening scenes to a post-apocalyptic movie, farmers were kickin’ it into high gear securing their animals and homes against the unrelenting cold. This time of year everyone moves a bit slower; but with the arrival of winter, farm life brings a host of new tasks to be done, both for the animals’ and your own survival. ┬áJust watching the resilience of our steers as they braced against howling winds and sub-zero temperatures for weeks on end was enough motivation to keep us going.

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Macro-Map: Beer Industry Consolidation

Being a brewer people occasionally ask me about the often quoted statistic “Anheuser-Busch spills more beer per year than the entire US craft beer industry produces.”

I seriously doubt that this volume differential has ever actually been measured but this info-graphic should give you some idea why it is certainly plausible:


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Farm Blog 2.0

When we first moved here in July we started blogging to keep a record of our trials and tribulations as 1st time farmers. Well it turns out running a farm really cuts into one’s blogging time. So what exactly have we been doing for the last 6 months?

I. Garden

When we got here in July, Missouri was in the midst of a heat wave that was killing all of the local flora and fauna. The ground was hard, dry, and dead. If we were going to grow anything, we needed dirt. Breanna noticed an old overgrown compost pile in the NW corner of the yard and we started turning it over.


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